Hasura.io Rebranding – Micro Case study



Hasura.io is a 2017 Silicon Valley + Bangalore start up with an IIT alumni as one of the Co-founders and was open sourced in 2018. During the same year, they have had investors come in at Seed stage and this year in Feb, 2020 they had a Series A funding. Their clients span across Fortune 500 corporations, fast growing startups & product development agencies.


There may be many reasons for rebranding of Hasura but it is clear to see the shift in gears, change in stake holders and the type of talent they attract from then to now. Although the product or service or vertical offering has not changed, the approach to how they communicate has changed significantly.


Brand Personality – Joker or Outlaw Brand Voice – Quirky, fun & young

Reflection of the same on the Visual & Web design –


Brand Personality – Creator Brand Voice – Corporate, formal & professional

Reflection of the same on the Visual, Web design & social media content-

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